Anger doesn’t need to be managed or controlled but transformed.

Understanding what anger really is will create a shift in perception and a shift in reality. Anger can be looked at as simply energy moving with great force. The energy of anger is a vital force, as an element of FIRE, neither good or bad. It can be used for your personal benefit. But how you may ask?

First, accept you are angry and feel it in your body. It is just an energy. Second know that there are different ways to use it, just like the fire it can destroy or it can be used in great ways.

Breath and feel it.

Directing it inside and it will make you feel sick and will burn you from within. Directing it outside will make you feel a bit better, yet it is only a projection on the screen of your reality and will come back to you in the form of more angry people.

There is another way of using this life force – direction up, vertical release and transformation.

I use this process in TANZA experience, where you can use it as rocket fuel to create anything you want.It is harnessing your inner fire. Just like the phoenix rising from its fire, you too can rise.
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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons