“Colors of the Soul” Photography Collection

This photography collection in collaboration with photographer Mike Gedj is a reflection of the energy in motion of my soul, capturing its movement in beauty and style. We may not know ourselves until we have gone through the dark night of the soul, but these photographs are here to show us the energy that can be found even in our most difficult moments. Let them be a source of inspiration.

Large prints are available with pristine Quality


Photography - Tzveta Davinci - Fine Art Design & Transformational Coaching

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Photography - Tzveta Davinci - Fine Art Design & Transformational Coaching

When you purchase something from an artist, you are getting much more than art.

You are taking with you years of learning and perfecting, hours of trial and error, and moments of pure joy and celebration.

You are taking home a unique piece of their SOUL infused with your vision.

Tzveta DaVinci Image

Energy and love, activating and transforming you and your space.

I call them CREations from an artist and each of them tells a story

A story of life & death, of light & dark, of creation & destruction. A Story of past experience & Future Visions.

The union of the artist’s experience and your vision.

“A picture is worth a thousand words“

Spiraling through life we each experience moments of glory and moments of despair. And then all these small events in between creating a whole story.

Inspired by life itself and working with the energetics of DaVinci Spiral Activation

I present to you my reader and collector the pieces of myself. Raw and open yet mysteriously veiled to express me.

These are pieces of my soul indeed, Spiraling Visions. Each one capturing an emotion, a feeling, an experience, or a sensation.

Some of my creations are channeled from the depth of my soul, some inspired by sacred geometry, ancient tales of technological advancement.

It is an Art Fusion of Elements,  Space, Time, Matter, Energy in dynamic motion.

As I paint I describe myself in shapes, colors forms, and motions tracing feelings and expressing moments of my life in multimedia art forms.

You can commission me as a Personal Image Consultant to create a style that matches your vision.

Unique Fashion Style

My Studio is situated in one of the most art inspiring locations in the Miami area:

With Ever Spiraling Love

Tzveta DaVinci

Visionary Artist

Photography - Tzveta Davinci - Fine Art Design & Transformational Coaching