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Alchemy of Transformation – Music Movement Meditation

Invitation to a Party and Celebration of the Divine in you.
Date: Feb 16, 2017
Time: 7-9 pm

Location: Scranberry Coop
42 Main Street Andover NJ 07821
The class will be held in a rather unusual setting.
This is 10,000 sq ft Antique Mall and the shop will be open an hour earlier if you wish to shop or just browse:) Free parking available.

TANZA has expanded and it has become a truly experiential free flow expression of Consciousness through physicality.
Life doesn’t need to be a struggle but a joyful unfolding experience. No matter where you are in your life path you too can enter this free flowing state of being and live an Extraordinary Life.

This is a new cycle of TANZA experience, with a richer and deeper fun and playful process for inspiring, transforming and shifting your reality to something truly magnificent.

What will we do:
Lay out the foundation for living an extraordinary life.
DaVinci Spiral Guide/ Activation – how creation creates and how we can tune to it, creating anything we want.
Breath work – How to fine tune our breath with the natural rhythm of creation and the flow of life, experiencing inner freedom.
Releasing the inner resistance with laughing meditation;
Gibberish talk will take us even further;
Generating questions that need no immediate answers;
Energetic shift and expressing the Divine through free flow movement with music from around the world with different rhythms, beats, and frequencies for faster acceleration -using your body as a generator;
Deepening our sensitivity to our own personal desires and longings;
Transmuting duality, inner conflicts, and paradoxes;
Guided meditation on Alchemy of transformation; effortlessly transmuting base metal (pain, struggle) into gold (joy, well-being, and wealth ) activating our innate potentials.
Embodying new ways of being in the world;
Celebrating our totality and wholeness;

This is an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with yourself and others.

What to bring:
Bring a friend or a loved one;
Bring a drink or a snack;
Bring journal to record your findings and inspiration from your soul;
Bring a willingness to feel good.

Facilitator – Tzveta DaVinci

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