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You can Live an Extraordinary Life

I am here to share my work and passion with you.

This website introduces you to the culmination, to date, of my life’s search for truth, beauty, wholeness and inner joy.

Over twenty-five years ago, I underwent a deep transformation. Everything in my life collapsed with the collapsing of the Berlin Wall. Since then I started a conscious journey of self exploration. Learning various healing approaches and techniques and developing my own tools for self transformation, realizing that all I really needed was my self.

Now, I am here for you

And I want to help you to go through your own personal transformation.

Weaving together various ancient and contemporary teachings from around the world I have honed my transformative healing methods in workshops, vision quests, seminars, and training programs on the four continents (Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the USA) where I have lived over the past two decades.

My work integrates healing traditions ranging from African shamanism and Hawaiian energy healing to the teachings of the school of the mysticism of the Indian philosopher, OSHO. It includes NLP Neuro-Linguistic programing (exploring the inner working of the mind and the language we use), Zen Tarot, Family Constellations, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing, and Creative Hypnosis.

Together these healing approaches have imprinted a diversity and uniqueness in my work that has allowed me to develop profound experiential sessions. DaVinci Spiral Activation, TANZA Dynamic Transformation Music Movement Meditation, and Charisma Style Confidence Coaching are few of my tools that I have created that can help you shift your perception of yourself so that you can experience your own life and journey in a different way.

I invite you to explore those tools on this site and join me in your personal transformation.

~ Tzveta DaVinci

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