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As I paint I reveal tales of creation; a Unique Style with Charming Pain & Raw Emotions  For Future Visions & Hidden Love Falling & Rising to Seek & Inspire the Mysteries of Life In a Dance of Polarity & Contrast  Stories of Life & Death, Wounds & Scars as Repose in the ravishing beauty of creation

Tzveta DaVinci Visionary Artist 

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Tzveta DaVinci’s art is inspired by joy, love, dreams, and spirals as well as sorrow, loss, and dissatisfaction. From life. Her works vary in medium and style, I’d guess, depending on her state of being. Sculptures, paintings, and writing. All give you a glimpse of the mood, at the moment of creation and evoke in the viewer those feeling plus the viewer’s own emotions. Constantly changing and beautiful always. ~ Lori English

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