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Visionary Art

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As I paint I reveal tales of creation; a Unique Style with Charming Pain & Raw Emotions For Future Visions & Hidden Love Falling & Rising to Seek & Inspire the Mysteries of Life In a Dance of Polarity & Contrast Stories of Life & Death, Wounds & Scars as Repose in the ravishing beauty of creation.

DaVinci Style Spiral Activation

Personal Transformation

DaVinci Spiral Technology & Activation
Welcome to a space of energy, frequencies, and vibrations! Break through the repetitive circle and enter the infinite spiral. Blueprint chart, that maps your life journey, showing you how creation creates through your personal life.

TANZA - Soul Retrieval

Tanza Experience

Welcome to DaVinci Spiral

Experience a profound physical, emotional and mental transformation in this 3 hour group event. Increasing your personal energy may be the answer you have been looking for. The question is … Where does this energy comes from? It comes from within and it can be generated with TANZA

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