Wellness & Weight Loss Coaching


Wellness is a balance between mind-body-spirit

A Shift in your state of being creates a shift in your physical appearance.

Being beautiful and healthy is being whole.

To achieve this the body’s energetic balance needs to be restored.

“Losing weight” is an outdated myth

We don’t lose anything.

What we do is gain insights into what we really need, long, and starve for.

This is the essence of our work together.

True Wellness

There is a good reason why your body needs its weight, and finding the reason will help you let it go easily, regaining your natural state of wellness.

I don’t believe in the old-fashioned way of counting calories and watching portions or strenuous exercise (unless you enjoy it).

The method I use is to teach you to love living a healthier lifestyle with as much pleasure and as painlessly, quickly, and efficiently as possible.

For lasting change, three-month commitment is recommended.

The first 2-hours session we work together to determine what is needed to accomplish your goals and create your personalized map using different transformational tools, such as:

DaVinci Spiral Reading/ Activation – A Visual Blueprint/Map of Your Life.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) – a way of exploring the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behavior and emotions (programs).

Spiral Quest Meditation – Access Your Personal High-Speed Inner-Net.

Creative Ericksonian Hypnosis – Unique and powerful approach for re-connecting with the subconscious mind, resolving inner conflicts and life challenges “targeted intervention based on a clear perception of the current needs of a unique individual.”

Energy Work – Using the subtle energies in the body to tune our personal energetic field.

Family Constellations – To address unrecognized system dynamics in the family, creating a profound and long-lasting healing in your relationship with yourself and others.

Shamanic and Intuitive Work.

TANZADance Meditation Music, movement and meditation fusion, for immediate physical, mental and emotional detox.

Results Guaranteed, providing you commit to your Process

Wellness & Weight Loss Coaching, 12 Sessions for 3 Months

For your convenience, we can do Skype or FaceTime

In this most powerful time of transformation, we need to stay true to our course purpose if we want to feel and look good!!!


“The time has come to open the windows. But, have you ever had those windows painted shut? This task can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you don’t have the correct tools. Sometimes our subconscious keeps us trapped inside our own personal “stuck” windows. Tzveta offers a complete toolbox that assists in the process of opening ourselves to our ideal function. Working with Tzveta has allowed me to move through these obstacles and let the free-flow of creative and holistic energy improve my quality of life. Thank you!”

~ L. H. Durenberger (New Jersey, USA)