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Interconnectedness SP2021/2 room

All connected All inclusive

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Interconnectedness SP2021/1

It is often referred to as The Game Of Life, but that is an understatement. Being connected with each other as a natural state is hardly a game, it is the essence of existence. The never-ending connection of all souls in the inclusive dance of life makes for a continuous, evolving existence of relationships throughout the universe. It is the Collective Story of Creation and the Law of One. Since 2012 when the summed-up energy of the planet was activated to experience the next level of brightness, we have all been challenged to enter a new state of being. It is the process of connecting with our lost parts and leading up to unraveling our personal story The mystery of us, evolving through the densities and utilizing the Elements Dynamic.  

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Acrylic With Metallic Paper, Canvas, Rolled Metallic Paper


36" X 17", 48" X 23", 64" X 30"