Spiraling Love


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Spiraling Love


2018 Miami Limited Edition Prints on Acrylic with Metallic Paper



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Spiraling Love

Spiraling into Love 36" x 36"- Visionary Art SP1001-1

DaVinci Style – Fine Art Design

“Spiraling Love”

This painting is a tribute to My son Kristian


As he transitioned my world changed forever. Instead of losing myself in the “illusion of separation” I choose a different way of experiencing my life I spiral deep into the center of my being to find  the ever-presence love  of creation itself As I painted with his ashes an invisible world revealed itself A world of magic hidden from the eyes yet felt by my heart So rich and boundless it was


it is this ancient mother’s love that can transcend even death

how could I ever doubt the love of creation?

how could I question its intelligence and magnificent creation


with deep gratitude for all that is

Spiraling into my heart finding refuge and peace


Time/Space does not heal the pain

Love does

Distance/space does not heal

Love does

Things don’t heal (they distract) Love does

Energy does not heal but the  way we use it

Love does

Techniques do not heal But the mindset you approach them with

Money can not heal you your love does

Relationships can not help you but your love can

Your love is like a portal to a different reality

Let Love set you free


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Acrylic With Metallic Paper, Canvas, Rolled Metallic Paper


20" X 20", 30" X 30", 36" X 36", 48" X 48"