Spiral Activation Chart – Followup Session

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Your personalized Spiral Activation chart – the Blueprint of your life path design by Tzveta DaVinci Style.

Your personalized Spiral Activation Chart will be shipped to the provided address after I generate and activate it.

The technology of the Future


100 in stock

Date of Birth

Necessary for DaVinci Spiral Activation

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Updates of your chart will be shipped to you

All about your energy

Breakthrough the endless circle and enter the infinite spiral with

DaVinci Spiral Activation

~ Know Thyself ~
~ Learn About Your Spiral Path ~
~ Experience An Extraordinary Life ~

Conceived & Designed by Tzveta DaVinci

What is DaVinci Spiral Activation?

“Cracking the Code of Humanity”

Decoding the collective and the personal story

An Energy system that reveals the code of reality, translated through your personal experience.

It is universal and multidimensional, yet at the same time very personal.

A visual blueprint/map of your life.

What can you do?

All this and many more questions will be answered, leaving you with a deep sense of clarity and direction, which will help you obtain:

SUCCESS & ABUNDANCE – I experience
FREEDOM & CONNECTION – I know that I am

So, what will I do for you?

I will manually generate & activate your personal Spiral Chart, so you can see what your energetic backgrounds, channels/waives of activation, and supportive elements are.

This chart will point out moments/years of transition, times of new beginnings, challenges, & changes, as well as the underlying emotions connected to them.

Your personal chart will guide and show you how to shift challenging situations and integrate your experiences, shifting your perception in unexpected ways, & show you your energetic birth and the integrity of your soul essence.

Once we understand our past and the personal path we are now traveling, we can also move forward in our lives with more clarity, confidence, and a deeper sense of fulfillment.


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