Inner Explosion


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Inner Explosion SP1015/1

Visionary Art 2020 Miami

by Tzveta DaVinci

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inner explosion

Inner Explosion SP1015

DaVinci Style – Fine Art Design

In all aspects of life, change cannot come without friction. Evolution is inevitably associated with explosive transformations. It is exactly those kinds of explosions that clear the way of everything old and stale, in order to welcome the new.

The same force can be used in the process of our own development and emotional growth. To eradicate anger and pain, to replace them with passion, appreciation, and gratitude.

This painting is dedicated to all of our transforming emotions,  featured in the balance of the Fire / Air elements dynamic that are key to a life of passion and purposeful vision. 

Visionary Art by Tzveta



If you are in need to transform an emotion book a session for clarity

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Acrylic With Metallic Paper, Canvas, Rolled Metallic Paper


20" X 20", 30" X 30", 36" X 36", 48" X 48"