Creation Ra


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Creation Ra 

The Water Force from The Elements Collection

“Creation Ra: The Water Element” is a captivating masterpiece that stands as a luminous gem within the Element Collection. Crafted with a rich tapestry of mixed media, including paint, chalk paint, acrylic, and intricate molding, this artwork showcases the artist’s exceptional talent with a diverse array of tools and brushes.

At its core, “Creation Ra” unveils the sacred essence of water, the feminine cradle of the spiraling force that births the universe. The canvas comes alive with an enchanting portrayal of the Blue Watery Lady, her presence exuding a serene and majestic aura. 

The deep, flowing blues in the artwork mirror the tranquil depths of water, and the dynamic interplay of colors embodies the ceaseless dance of creation. The artist’s meticulous brushwork and molding techniques breathe life into this portrayal, making it a visual testament to the very womb of existence.

The artist’s skillful brushwork imbues the Blue Water Lady with an aura that spirals and shimmers, evoking the dynamic force of life itself. Each stroke seems to echo the rhythm of the universe, a delicate dance of ebb and flow, of beginnings and endings, of creation and transformation.

As you behold Creation Ra, you’re invited to connect with the primordial energy of creation. The painting inspires us to flow, much like water, and embrace the eternal cycle of beginnings and renewals. It reminds us that within the gentle embrace of the water element lies the very source of life’s spiraling force. This exquisite artwork beckons us to tap into our own creative essence and align with the ever-pulsating rhythm of the universe.

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Creation Ra

Creation Ra from the Elements Collection

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Acrylic With Metallic Paper, Canvas, Rolled Metallic Paper


20" X 20", 30" X 40", 40" X 54", 48" X 64"

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