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The Return of The Soul – Transforming the loss of a loved one into a Celebration!

Fundraiser, Gathering, & Celebration of LIFE!

When: July 6 @ 6pm (Doors open at 3 pm)
Tree Planting Ceremony @ 7 pm

Host: Deja Vu Garden (London, UK)
Food, music and a great atmosphere!

Address: 52b-52c High Street,
E17 7LD London, United Kingdom

Cost: 27 Pounds [$35 USD], space is limited!
RSVP & ticket purchase must be made by July 2nd!

This event is a collaboration with Tzveta DaVinci & DaVinci Spiral Garden at Scranberry Coop Todd Medina & Soulogy, Amanda Lorence & Linda Starseed Scott and many more!

My name is Tzveta DaVinci. Kristian, my 28 year old son transitioned on April 26, this year. London is the third Event around the World (Andover NJ USA- June 11, Pazardhjik Bulgaria – June 22) that I am creating to spread a powerful message about death and life.

My story of his transition. Before, During and After. I call my son “One beautiful, breathtaking storm”. It comes, it stirs things up and then it goes, leaving you speechless, breathless wide open and available to all that is. The perfect storm moves, shakes and transforms you to the core of your being.

In the 3D reality language the loss of my son is a tragedy, in the 5D reality I gained the whole universe. I have been preparing, training for many years for this moment. I have chosen to see it as a blessing disguised as a challenge. It has transformed my reality, shifted my perception so I experienced the unconditional love of Creation.

I would like to offer to you a new empowered way to deal with the death of a loved one. Not only to survive it, but to use it towards a powerful transformation.

Instead of burying our loved ones we can plant a tree. Watch them grow and blossom. We can feel them in the breeze, the bird’s song and the blooming flower, for they are here, with us. We can make this planet a beautiful place for our Return.

Todd Medina & Soulogy is a beacon, a new way of being in this world. We are writing our new human story, connecting souls around the world. Bringing remarkable messages of oneness, unity, ascension, joy, laughter, soul speaks and LOVE.

Join us. Celebrate with us.

May this be the beginning of ONE human SOUL family!

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