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Let the Rhythm of your Body set you free. Tap into your inner Goddess in this one-hour Bellydancing class taught by Tzveta Davinci.

The Goddess in Action 

Learn ancient movements and reveal your Charisma Style & Confidence 

Fusion of basic ancient dancing moves, trance dance, breathwork, meditation, and free movements. 

Dancers are taught basic universal steps but are encouraged to mold and transform the dance into their own. All ages and sizes are welcome to experience their uniqueness. 

Through that Magic Dance you will: 

Get fit and shape your body; Tone and energize your muscles; Create style and inner confidence; Express your Ancient Feminine Spirit; Create a sacred space and time; 

Dancing for Health, Confidence and Beauty 

Have you ever wondered why some people give off a certain vibrancy, a certain Energy, something you can’t quite put your finger on, yet it’s there? You may perceive them as being so out there, enjoying life, having fun, connected, loving what they’re doing.

Allow this ancient form of dance to motivate and inspire your life.

With these beginner’s classes, I introduce a program for empowering and motivating your life on a very deep personal level. We work on creating your inner confidence and style, posture, connecting with your magnetism, creating sacred space and time, connecting you to your own Ancient Feminine Spirit.

Through the Magic of the Dance, you will not only find that your fitness improves exponentially, you will also discover that your body shape, tone, and musculature transform and energize. Celebrate life by creating your own sacred space and time and begin to awaken the Unlimited Beautiful Person that you are deep within your secret core.

For the full movement experience on Saturday March 19th, stay for Vegetarian Lunch ($25) and TANZA Ecstatic Meditation Event from 2pm-5pm


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