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TANZA – Soul Retrieval

Art Music Movement Meditation

Nov 19 , 12pm – 5 pm

Parts of this experience are inspired by OSHO teachings and the way of being in this world

Soul Retrieval


A great transformation is upon us all. In times of challenges and changes, furious dancing is required to shed the old and prepare the ground for something remarkable to unfold. This event can help you to move into a new way of being in the world

Ready for a breakthrough?

Alchemy of Transformation: Turning Base Metal Into Gold

This is the Beginning of Anything You Want

What does it take to transform physical, emotional, and mental patterns that keep us from living a full and magnificent life?

This Dance Meditation event specifically responds to this question, allowing each of us to have a direct experience of our own unique self, through:

A sacred space to experience the self, An alchemical process to realize the self, A dance meditation with the self.

Elements of Transformation

Art – Using Art to access and connect to old patterns and transform them (no art skills required)

Music – That uses a variety of frequencies, beats, rhythms, and vibrations.

Movement/Free Flowing Dance – That provokes a physical energetic shift.

Meditation – That taps into our forgotten inner resources.

– An opportunity to experience a total transformation: Body-Mind-Spirit.

– A fusion of free movements, laughing and shaking.

It is a synthesis of intention, breathwork, Kundalini rising, and guided meditation, and that together activate the body’s energy forces, creating a total shift in our lives

What will you get out of this

Release, Rejuvenate, & Refresh

Experience a Profound, Physical, Emotional, & Mental Detox

Creation is all about movement and energy patterns in motion, spiraling in all directions and dimensions, in a constant, easy flow. By moving, playing, and using the language of energy (symbols, ideas, emotions) you can express yourself and manifest your desires, through the different combinations and patterns created by conscious breathing, music, movement, and meditation.

Create your personal Soul Art Map


Who is this event for

Everyone willing to meet with the self and unravel their personal story

For those who are ready to step up and take the next level of growth and transformation

For you, that love to dance to connect, and to play

What we will use to facilitate permanent shift:

Because we are each unique individuals, I combine a number of different tools in various ways, to ensure the total integration of your personal transformation.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) – A way of exploring the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic), and our patterns of behavior and emotions (programs).

Creative Ericksonian Hypnosis – Unique and powerful approach for reconnecting with the subconscious mind, resolving inner conflicts and life challenges “targeted intervention based on a clear perception of the current needs of a unique individual.”

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

Energy Work – Using the subtle energies in the body to tune our personal energetic field.

Family Constellations – To address unrecognized system dynamics in the family, creating profound and long-lasting healing in your relationship with yourself and others.

Shamanic and intuitive work.

Music, movement, and meditation fusion – For immediate physical, mental and emotional detox

~ Tapping into your inner resourcefulness and effortlessly overcoming many life challenges.
~ Personal and professional growth.
~ Relationship and purpose fulfillment.
~ Confidence and wealth expansion (see Charisma, Style & Confidence Coaching).
~ Wellness Programs, and last but not least.
~ “Weight Loss,” or what I call, “Letting Go of the Weight.”

The Venue: The Great Mahakala – Miami

~ Beautiful Center infused with Energy of Love & Healing

Side effects too, may vary and may include:

 ~ Spontaneous burst of bliss and joy.

~ Lost of interest to fight, be depressed, worried, or sad.

~ Releasing old behavioral patterns and emotions.

~ Spontaneous healing may also occur.

~ Instant Facelift

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After your registration, you will receive an email with preparation information

If you have any questions pls Contact the Organizer Tzveta DaVinci

tzveta@tzvetadavinci.com +1 2012948797

TANZA Soul Retrieval Oct 29 - Tzveta Davinci - Fine Art Design & Transformational Coaching

About The Organizer:

“You can live an extraordinary life and I’m here to help you go through your own personal transformation” My purpose and passion are to inspire and guide you through most challenging times.”

“My personal life presented to me many heartbreaking, traumatic, painful tragic experiences that I CHOSE to take as a fertilizer for growth and transformation. I am here to be with you and share how I have transformed deep pain into joy”

It is not uncommon for some people to feel like their everyday life is out of place, that they haven’t found a state of mind where they are comfortable and therefore, inner peace can’t be achieved.

Tzveta DaVinci is a transformational coach and energy expert working through artistic creation and inspirational guidance that embodies the DaVinci Spiral Activation and helps you decode your personal story.

Over 30 years ago, she went through a deep transformation that would change the way she sees the world. Coinciding with the fall of the Berlin Wall, her own understanding of life also collapsed and that provided the spark for a conscious journey of self-exploration.

Traversing 4 continents in the following years and embracing various ancient and contemporary teachings along the way, it became clear that the effect of those healing approaches and techniques helped her develop her own tools for self-awareness and at the same time the realization that all a person needs, is their own self.

The journeys throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the USA gave Tzveta the opportunity to weave together transformative healing methods in workshops, vision quests, seminars, and training programs that all shaped her body of work.

The philosophy instilled into that was blended with traditions ranging from African shamanism and Hawaiian energy healing to the teachings of the school of the mysticism of OSHO, the Indian philosopher. It includes NLP Neuro-Linguistic programing (exploring the inner working of the mind and the language we use), Zen Tarot, Family Constellations, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing, and Creative Hypnosis.

As a result, all this concentrated wisdom has imprinted diversity and uniqueness in the experimental sessions Tzveta has developed -DaVinci Spiral Activation, TANZA Dynamic Transformation Music Movement Meditation, and Charisma Style Confidence Coaching are just a few of the tools in her pallet that help a person shift their perception of themselves and experience life and their own journey in a completely different way.

“I invite you to join me at TANZA experience and transform through Movement Music Meditation.

Your expansion, healing, and growth are important to me.

With Ever Spiraling Love


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