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“You can live an extraordinary life and I’m here to help you go through your own personal transformation” My purpose and passion is to inspire and guide you

It is not uncommon for some people to feel like their everyday life is out of place, that they haven’t found a state of mind where they are comfortable and therefore, inner peace can’t be achieved. 

Tzveta DaVinci is a transformational coach and energy expert working through artistic creation and inspirational guidance that embodies the DaVinci Spiral Activation and helps you decoding your personal story. 

Over 30 years ago, she went through a deep transformation that would change the way she sees the world. Coinciding with the fall of the Berlin Wall, her own understanding of life also collapsed and that provided the spark for a conscious journey of self-exploration. 

Traversing 4 continents in the following years and embracing various ancient and contemporary teachings along the way, it became clear that the effect of those healing approaches and techniques helped her develop her own tools for self-awareness and at the same time the realization that all a person needs, is their own self. 

The journeys throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the USA gave Tzveta the opportunity to weave together transformative healing methods in workshops, vision quests, seminars, and training programs that all shaped her body of work. 

The philosophy instilled into that was blended with traditions ranging from African shamanism and Hawaiian energy healing, to the teachings of the school of the mysticism of OSHO, the Indian philosopher. It includes NLP Neuro-Linguistic programing (exploring the inner working of the mind and the language we use), Zen Tarot, Family Constellations, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing, and Creative Hypnosis.

As a result, all this concentrated wisdom has imprinted diversity and uniqueness in the experimental sessions Tzveta has developed – . DaVinci Spiral Activation, TANZA Dynamic Transformation Music Movement Meditation and Charisma Style Confidence Coaching are just a few of the tools in her pallet that help a person shift their perception of themselves and experience life and their own journey in a completely different way. 

“I invite you to explore those tools on this site and join me in your personal transformation”

About Tzveta DaVinci


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