DaVinci Spiral Gardens at Scranberry Coop

These Gardens are Inspired by DaVinci Spiral Activation/Reading/Chart created by Tzveta DaVinci. This is a unique personalized Chart/Map, a Blueprint of your Life based on your birthdate.

The Spiral Garden is a blueprint of how creation creates and how we move through our lives. It uses guiding principles and universal laws. Ask for a personalized DaVinci Spiral Activation Chart, hand generated and activated by Tzveta DaVinci.

The building of the Gardens started in 2014 and it is an ongoing project

DaVinci Spiral Gardens has become an attraction for many.

Walk and Enjoy them

spiral garden

The Movement of All Creation Travels Along a Spiral Path

What is the Spiral Garden?

Balance, Progress, Direction, Initiation, Centering, Expansion, Awareness, Connection, Journeying, Development, Healing, Joyful Expression You may find many meanings within this garden such as: Just a beautiful Garden; Sanctuary and temple refugee; Self Reflection tool; Earth wisdom; Sacred Geometry; Activation;Healing Walk; Reclaiming lost parts of yourself; Balancing your chakras energetic centers in the body; Emotional Integration; Mental clarity; Re-energizing; Blueprint for your life path; Live Energetic vortex; Angelic realm; Play ground; Community center for gathering sharing learning dancing; Art’s workshops classes; Stargate to the 9 dimensions the 4 Elements and directions. Representation of the 9 archetypes and states of being in the world; Grounding place for manifesting your dreams; Model of how creation creates; A great place for Resting or Meditation Dance and Celebration of the Divine; Tuning instrument; Landing platform for inter dimensional beings; Universal synchronization; Totality of being; Wholeness and Integration.

 spiral garden

Become Aware

The world IS what you think it IS

The garden has its own powerful, energetic “feel” that has been illuminating, transformative and peace inducing for many of its visitors. Research by scientists has shown that the spiraling movement of energy-matter generates magnetic resonances within the body and activates the life force. It transforms the life force, initiating an altered state that produces a sensation of deep healing and alignment of body-mind-spirit.

Walking the spiral has helped people to shift their inner state, creating within them a deeper sense of meaning, purpose and peace. Many have experienced healing –and felt more empowered and resourceful as a result.

What is DaVinci Spiral Activation/Chart/Reading?


Where am I on my Personal Spiral?

Find the energetic background of your life and how you can navigate your life with ease and joy. DaVinci Spiral is a Personalized multidimensional chart of your life, revealing moments of challenges and changes and will bring clarity to your path traveled. It’s a unique Personal Map, hand generated and activated by Tzveta DaVinci. It is based on science, energy, sacred geometry laws and more. This multidimensional expression of your life path will show you the essence of your soul and the purpose behind it. Read more about it here 

What can you do when in the Spiral Garden?


Everything and Everyone is welcome here!

We acceptance and respect for all attitudes, belief’s, expressions and all living beings.

Walk the Spiral; Reflect; Dance; Play; Smile; Enjoy; Ground; Have a laugh; Bring friends; Meditate; Rest; Celebrate life; Create; Play your instrument; Have a drink or a Meal; Bring a present to the Spiral; Compliment a stranger; Make a friend; Connect; Realize your Divine Nature; Have a Smoke; Make a donation; Plant a flower; Put a coin on the Money tree* and Make a wish; Bring a kid or a dog or a friend , family or lover; Drumming, dancing, painting;

Walk mindfully and self-reflect on your life;
Silence the inner chatter and access a deeper self;
Creating anything you wish for;

Allow a shift in perception;
Have an emotional release;
Inspire a mental realization;


Ask yourself a few fundamental questions as you walk the Spiral:

Where have I been?

Where am I now?

Where am I going?

spiral garden

I invite you to come to our Garden, to walk your personal Spiral path, and experience your totality and wholeness

Understanding its meanings, repetitions, how it moves, can awaken a deep understanding of how we live our lives, and the way we travel our personal paths. It helps us to realize how to experience greater joy and expansion in life and fulfill our heart’s desires.