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Spiral Guide Meditation

Access Your Personal High Speed Inner-Net

Have you ever try meditate and find yourself frustrated and uncomfortable?

Is it difficult for you to enjoy stillness?

If yes, this meditation technique may be for you!

Why Meditation?

As to say why, breathing is part of us.

Meditation is a thousands years old tool for balancing integration of our being.

Spiral Guide Meditation as a conductor with the Divine within.

Understanding how your attention affects the energetics of your body and every aspects of your life.

The mind-emotion-action-manifestation is a Spiraling Flow.

Once activated will produce a strong current and many unresolved issues will be flushed out your energetic system.

With Spiral Quest Meditation, it is possible to overcome life challenges and effortlessly shift the direction of your life.

Once you establish the connection with the Self it is possible to tune in permanently and access a direct high speed Inner-Net connection with Higher-Self, Source, Universe, God, Infinite Intelligence, Mind, Consciousness, Power, Force,Beings, or whatever you prefer to call it.

Living life out of tune and out of balance will inevitably lead to frustrations, poor health, problematic relationships and blocking your inmate prosperity is just a matter of tuning in an aligning with your inner flow that is.

In direct connection with all that is, learn simple tools to create a remarkable experience!

Side effects and benefits of Meditation:

~ Spontaneous healing.

~ Deeper inner peace.

~ Creative impulses.

~ Shift of perception, therefore shift in reality.

~ Recognition of the divine within.

~ Accessing a prosperous mentality.

~ Creating all you want.

The spiral flow/flush is a visual and energetic tool for

~ Rejuvenation and refreshment.

~ Deep healing and connection with source.

~ Easy and flowing balancing.

~ Joyful and fulfilling.

As I started to meditate long ago ( as many people were meditating around me ) I didn’t have a good knowledge of the “why’s” and the “how’s.” My motivation behind it was: “Everyone is meditating, and so should I. ” This led me to frustration and irritation, until I realized that the mind does not like to be decoded and just wants to run the show. I realized that, to achieve mastery of any kind, I had to start with knowing my mind and mastering it.

Meditation has helped me to understand myself and others, better then any other mind techniques. I have found that this is the master key of the mind, that unlocks any door within, revealing incredible inner landscapes and reality beyond the mind.

Your Spiral Meditation Guide

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