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Know Thyself – Know Your Spiral Path 


Find out where are you on your Spiral with DaVinci Spiral Reading/Activation 

DaVinci Spiral Activation

Conceived & Designed by Tzveta DaVinci

Understanding the Spiral Path, how it moves, the meaning and seeing the repetitions,  can awaken a deep understanding of how we live our lives and the way we travel our personal paths. It helps us discover how to experience greater joy and expansion in life and fulfill our heart’s desires.

DaVinci Spiral is an integrated system that is mathematically-synchronized fusion of; spiral movement and energetics, numerology, frequencies, the elements, sound, colors, tarot, runes, astrology, chakras, channeled intuitive knowledge & wisdom from around the world, using Pythagoras theorem, Human Pin Code, conscious Universe, and energy dynamic and how all this ties up with our personal life’s.

The Spiral is one of the oldest shapes and concepts in the Universe, illustrating how energy moves following Universal Laws

“So what?” You May Ask

Well, what if this concept could provide you with a clear picture of how your life moves, showing you where you have been, where you are now, where you are going? When you really begin to understand this visual model, and how your ups and downs affect your life, you will have a broader picture of your unlimited resources and how to use them.

Energy Goes Where Attention Is

DaVinci Spiral is a visualization of your personal path, which can shift your perception in unexpected ways, leading you toward a continual path to fulfillment and bliss.

The Spiral represents movement in space and time, connecting dimensions, levels of awareness, and consciousness. It is a life force, a universe unto itself. From the movement of electrons to the spinning of the galaxy, from the massive tornado formations to the smallest shell, the spiral is a universal pattern of how energy moves, forming paths and passages in space, time and states of being. Using the principles of the spiral we arrive at an assumption that our life, perhaps, is itself a spiral, rather than a straight line. From a purely scientific point of deep metaphysical laws, the spiral image and design are woven into our everyday, visible and invisible reality. Understanding its meanings, the repetitions, the way it moves, can awaken a deep understanding of how we live our lives, of the way we travel our personal paths. It helps us to realize how to experience greater joy and expansion in life and fulfill our heart’s desires.

DaVinci Spiral finds transition moments, the times of new beginnings, challenges, & changes, as well as the underlying emotions connected to them.

The Reading/ Activation starts with seeing your life as a map or a chart, so you can navigate your days effortlessly and meaningfully, making a quantum jump and re-inventing your life in a profound way.

I will hand make and generate your personal Spiral Chart, so you can see what are the favorable energies at the moment. Your personal chart will guide and show you how to shift challenging situation and integrate your experience in the easiest way.


The Chart will show us the energetic birth and integrity of your soul essence.

Once we understand our past and the personal path we are now traveling, we can also move forward in our lives with more clarity, confidence, and a deeper sense of fulfillment.

“I really enjoyed my Spiral reading with Tzveta DaVinci with her gifted intuition, energy work, and guided visualization technique. It’s one of a kind, highly, and strongly recommended, a fun and different way to integrate your life back on the spiral with Tzveta’s channeled creation. Highly recommended.”

~ Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool

Please note that it will take at least two hours to hand generate your spiral chart and up to two hours for your activation reading.

The recommended donation is $180, and you may choose to pay partially over time. After you use the request session form, an email will be sent to you with a link to the donation page!

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