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DaVinci Spiral Reading/Activation

Where are you on your personal Spiral? What element is predominant in your life right now? What can you do? How can  you navigate your life with ease?

All this and many more question will be answered, leaving you with a deep sense of clarity and direction.

We look at your past, present and future moments of transition challenges and changes, connecting the dot of your most important life experiences.

We discover your  energetic birth and find out about the essence of our soul/spirit, your direction, purpose and path.

We travel through the 4 elements and the 9 states of being and archetypes, creating a visual concept of your life path and how creation creates.

Activation starts with seeing your entire life on the DaVinci Spiral map, making it possible for you to see the connection with events, experiences and emotional pattern.

Using energetic channels of the Spiral, together we deactivate persistent unwanted patterns and activate your personal powers and gifts.

You will leave the activation empowered, uplifted and inspired, learning how to create moment to moment, deliberately and consciously. Leaving you with deep sense of meaning and freedom.

This reading will equip you with tools of how to handle challenges and changes in most elegant and easy way.

You will learn how creation creates, using Universal Laws and how you can apply this knowlidge  for creating a joyful and fulfilling life.

Duration: 2 hours ( in person – in the Spiral Garden – wether permitted, phone or Skype )

For this reading I will need your birthday and place of birth prior to the reading sent with your payment

I have gathered from around the world, many different teachings, alchemical, energetic processes and techniques to create this fascinating chart, combining ancient and modern knowledge. This is a fusion of my personal life, collaboration of art, science and energy work. I have tested this system with many people and the accuracy is remarkable.

If you have any questions about this reading feel free to sent me an email or call me.

With Love and Joy