The Myth of Anger and the Rising of the Phoenix

Anger doesn't need to be managed or controlled but transformed. Understanding what anger really is will create a shift in perception and a shift in reality. Anger can be looked at as simply energy moving with great force. The energy of anger is a vital force, as an element of FIRE, neither good or bad. It can be used for your personal benefit. But [...]

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Fake It Until You Make It

How you feel today will create your reality tomorrow. It is inevitable. How do you feel today? Who decides how you feel? Who is in charge and who is setting your mood? Your attention!!! Energy will always follow attention. Finding reasons and excuses to feel good is a sure thing to create anything you want. Fake it until you make it. Play. Move. Be silly. [...]

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Transform with Joy – TANZA Dance Meditation

The Divine rejoices in your being happy. God, or the Creation, is so happy when you are happy. When you dance, sing, and jump up and down happily, that is true prayer, that is true meditation. Meditation is a fountain of joy, an ecstasy; and Divine enjoys that more. Divine is not fond of your suffering. ~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar~" What does it take [...]

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What You Seek Is Seeking You ~ Rumi

What you seek is always seeking you. If you are looking to find flaws in someone, you will definitely find them. If you are looking for injustice, guess what? It will be there. If you are looking to find something wrong with you, you will. So why not seek what you want and deliberately focus on it? Look for it. Search for it. Ask [...]

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Deliberate Co-Creation with TANZA

Dynamic Transformation - Movement, Music, Meditation. A new way of being in the world. Isn’t it great to come together for the purpose of co-creating remarkable experiences? It’s inspiring to know that you are the creator of every experience and you always, always have a choice to make it even better. Isn’t it lovely to be happy, open and allowing all the goodness, love [...]

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Leonardo da Vinci

Universal-Genius.   Michael J. Gelb in his book "How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci"  captured 7 principles from Leonardo's  way of being in the world. They are more valid now than ever. CURIOSITÀ (CURIOSITY) DIMONSTRATZIONE (INDEPENDENT THINKING) SENSAZIONE (REFINE YOUR SENSES) SFUMATO (EMBRACE UNCERTAINTY) ARTE/SCIENZA (ART & SCIENCE, WHOLE-BRAIN THINKING) CORPORALITA (MIND-BODY CARE) CONNESSIONE (INTERCONNECTEDNESS) Curiosità, or curiosity, marking his insatiable quest for [...]

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Drama no more!

How do you feel? “I feel great or I’m not ok.” “What’s wrong?” you may ask back. “I’m upset … such and such has happened to me.” ( Or, “ so and so did this or that to me.”) One very simple question can lead to a life-changing experience. And, the conversation usually ends something like this: “That’s a shame…” Or, “I’m sorry you [...]

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TANZA – Dance Meditation

Increasing your personal energy may be the answer you have been looking for. The question is… Where does this energy come from?  It comes from within. And it can be generated with TANZA This two hour TANZA experience will increase your personal energy, so you can create anything you want. The benefits of TANZA are countless: From a joyful workout (and an instant face lift), [...]

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