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A new way of being in the world

My name is Tzveta and it is my passion to share my tools for joyful transformation, using Consciousness as a medium

The world is shifting and the way businesses operate are shifting too. I will be using a new monetary platform, based on unconditional sharing of my passions.

What this means is that after a session with me
DaVinci Spiral Reading, Transformational Life coaching Coaching,  Wellness & Weight Loss Coaching  Charisma & Style and Confidence Coaching or Zen Tarot Readings, I  will leave it up to you to donate what you feel your experience is worth.

Your expansion, healing, and growth are important to me.

I will be sharing great tools of how to navigate your life with ease and joy

Skype, Phone, FB or FaceTime.

In LaKesh – you are the other me

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Let the Quest Begin!

Great transformation is upon us all. Life does not need to be difficult or stressful. They are joyful ways in times of challenges and change.

Furious movement, meditation, and inner work are great ways to shed the old and prepare the ground for something remarkable and fresh to unfold.

The Quest begins with the Self and ends with the Self

Below are few tools for Your Healing, Alignment, & Joyful Transformation!

DaVinci Spiral Reading Activation


Break through the endless circle and enter the infinite spiral with DaVinci Spiral.

DaVinci Spiral  is a visual guide map of your life path.

Where are you on your personal Spiral? What are the favorable energies? What element is predominant in your life right now?

How can you navigate your life with ease?

All this and many more question will be answered, leaving you with a deep sense of clarity and direction.

DaVinci Spiral helps you to realize how to experience greater joy and expansion in life and fulfill your heart’s desires.

After this reading – activation you will experience a deep healing and profound integration.

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Increasing your personal energy may be the answer you have been looking for.

The question is… Where does this energy come from?

It comes from within, and it can be generated with TANZA.

The benefits of TANZA are countless: from a joyful workout (and an instant face lift), to a shift in perception and attitude, a sense of lightness and peace, an awakening to a deeper level of you.

TANZA – a new way of being in the world.

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Coaching is the art and science of creating a successful and fulfilling life — whatever this might mean to you and in whatever ways work for you — to achieve your desired goals.

It is like fine tuning your instrument to play your personal song.

“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.”

~Pete Carroll

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“The time has come to open the windows. But, have you ever had those windows painted shut? This task can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you don’t have the correct tools. Sometimes our subconscious keeps us trapped inside our own personal “stuck” windows. Tzveta offers a complete toolbox that assists in the process of opening ourselves to our ideal function. Working with Tzveta has allowed me to move through these obstacles and let the free-flow of creative and holistic energy improve my quality of life. Thank you!”


“I highly recommend Tzveta DaVinci as a transformational life coach whose skills and expertise enabled me to regain my decision-making confidence as it applied to my personal direction in life. Retirement, divorce, death of family members, job loss, and other profound changes can impact your thinking and reality in unforeseen ways. In my case I was having inter-related problems with self-confidence and procrastination without realizing the reason. Within a short period of time Tzveta helped me regain decision-making confidence and direction. I am retired and I just wish that I had met and started sessions with Tzveta while my career was active. I had a solid career with many positions and milestones, however it could have been much more.”


“Thank you Tzveta for your wisdom and energy!!! This was my first ever session on NLP. I saw clearly that relationship with myself and true self are the most important and is a core of achieving the peace and balance in any aspect of myself and my life which is and always was my biggest desire . . . made so much sense and the words resonated so strongly with my inner being which immediately uplifted me to the higher vibrational state. I felt so free, free from longing for someone’s love and appreciation, free from others opinions and judgments. I felt so much love and energy that I was no longer needed to look it from outside. Why should I?”


Tzveta’s work in the Spiral is just phenomenal and she is an amazing and powerful woman. She is profound in her understandings of the human spirit and our Divine Spirit. I have attended several of her TANZA – Meditation and Dance events. I have found them to be very cathartic and moving. Breath work and movement are utilized to activate energy shifts in our life perceptions. We connect to a deeper level of who we are during these meditation dances, opening our hearts to unlimited bliss and joy that is always there for us.Tzveta always has a special guided meditation time at her events which go as deeply we are open and feel comfortable experiencing. We explore our motivations and struggles, we find reasons and hope for a future with less suffering and more joy!


“I really enjoyed my Spiral reading with Tzveta DaVinci with her gifted intuition, and energy work, guided visualization technique, what was identified in the reading was balanced out and grounded pleasantly, and with immediate, effective result. It’s unique, an original creation of which nothing else is like it in the world or studies on metaphysics, or the occult sciences. It’s one of a kind, highly, and strongly recommend, a fun and different way to integrate your life back on the spiral with Tzveta’s channeled creation. Highly recommended.”

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